How to Add Hashtags on Instagram After Posting(2023)

Instagram is the most trending app of the present era. It lets you share your latest photos, videos, and recent activities with your followers. Hashtags are an essential factor in your post. Some people post Pictures and videos without hashtags and then notice no engagement on their posts and ask, How do I add hashtags on Instagram after posting?

Hashtags are essential in social media marketing. They increase engagement on your post by increasing followers and helping to get more likes.

For example, If you post a picture of a beauty product, you can add the hashtag #beauty in its description. This Hashtag will help you get more likes. Adding just one Hashtag can increase Your engagement rate by up to 12%.

Is Adding Hashtags to Instagram After Posting Possible?

Sometimes, you might get worried as you need to remember to add a hashtag before publishing a post because, with hashtags, a post looks complete and cannot reach out to a larger audience. Don’t panic because adding a Hashtag to Instagram is possible after posting.

If you add hashtags after posting, the Hashtag will appear in the description of the videos and photos you have uploaded. If you have used it in your caption, it will also appear in the search results.

How to Add Hashtags on Instagram After Posting

Importance of Adding Hashtag

Hashtags are essential to making your post get more likes and comments.

Enhance Visibility

Hashtags enhance your visibility to a larger audience. Whenever a user searches for a specific hashtag, your post appears in the search result, and in this way, a larger audience can view your post.

Join the Trending Conversation

Always use trending hashtags, powerful tools for better engagement with a considerable audience. By joining the trending conversation with their hashtags, you can stay connected with current events worldwide.

Boost Engagement

Recent studies reveal that trending hashtags boost engagement on your post as everyone loves to stay connected to current events, and they follow these trending hashtags, increasing your post’s visibility.

Strengthen Brand Identity 

Branded hashtags make your brand’s identity more robust. These hashtags encourage user-generated content that focuses only on promoting your brand. So, branded hashtags help in the business promotion of the brand.

How to Add Hashtag After Posting Photo

Adding a hashtag to an already-posted picture or video is now possible. To add a hashtag to a posted photo, follow these steps:

  • Go to your Instagram app on your mobile device.
  • Click on your profile at the bottom-right corner.
  • Click on the picture you want to edit and tap to view it fully.
  • Now, click on the Edit option. It lets you add the Hashtag to your post.
  • Add a hashtag to an already posted pic of your choice.
  • Add a hashtag to an already posted pic of your choice.
  • This is how you can add Hashtag to an already-posted pic.

7 Quick Tips and Tricks for Using Hashtags(2023)

Use Relevant Hashtag 

Only use the relevant Hashtag in your post. You can only get the exact engagement rate if you use relevant hashtags. Using the same or correct hashtags to reach the target audience would be best.

Take Advantage of the Insight

The insight page will tell you exactly how many impressions each Hashtag gets on your post. This will help you determine which Hashtag is adequate for your business.

Create Custom Hashtags

Sometimes people prefer to avoid the hashtags provided or suggested by Instagram. They want to create their hashtags. It is possible in the latest version of Instagram. You can create your hashtags according to your will.

Don’t Use Abusive Hashtags

Sometimes people use abusive hashtags in their posts. It is strictly forbidden, and it violates Instagram rules. Your account can be permanently blocked by using them. So, avoid these kinds of hashtags and use the correct ones.

Use Hashtags With Instagram Stories

Instagram has a feature related to WhatsApp. You can display your stories for up to 24 hours on Instagram, where you can share anything with your viewers. Try to use hashtags in these stories, as this will increase your follower rate.

 Avoid Using Repetitive And Irrelevant Hashtags 

Never repeat the Hashtag in your post; try to avoid irrelevant hashtags in your post because it leaves a negative impression on your users. It also reduces your credibility and causes lower engagement on your posts. Your brand reputation also gets affected when the wrong brands tag you. An Instagram algorithm cannot show your position in the user’s feed, decreasing visibility.

 Understand How Hashtag Pages Work

The other name for Hashtag pages is Topic or Hashtag Hubs. When we add a hashtag to a post, Instagram reads that caption and categorizes it accordingly. Instagram aggregates a collection of posts with the same hashtags. The hashtag page has two main sections: Top and Recent. The top section shows the most popular, creative, and engaging posts. In contrast, the Recent section displays the most recent posts.

Now that you understand the importance of using the right hashtags, you’re ready to take your Instagram game to the next level and fix any past mistakes you’ve made with hashtags.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, adding hashtags increases your likes or views on a picture. So, always add hashtags to your images.

Yes, the Hashtag attracts its followers to the post. It helps you increase your post’s engagement or get more followers. It also helps to reach a wider audience.

Photography #Fasion #Art #Love #Music #Reels #Makeup #Weddingc #Nature #Artist

Hashtags are a way to connect people who are interested in the same topic. For example, if you’re a fashion model, you can post a photo of yourself and include the hashtag #model #Style.

Final Words

It is always a good idea to post a picture with hashtags, but if you need to remember how to add hashtags on Instagram after posting, you don’t have to worry about that because Instagram’s latest feature lets you do just that. This feature has eased its users’ lives. Avoid using irrelevant hashtags, and never repeat hashtags because it reduces your visibility.

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