How To Change The Font On Instagram?

Do you want your bio to look great and attract other users? You have already seen other people’s profiles looking great and appealing to everyone and you want the same for your profile. It’s possible now by changing the size or color of your font.

If you are trying to increase your followers on Instagram, but you are not getting good traffic visitors on your Profile then you need to consider some things. Your bio is the first thing that visitors see when they land on the page. So it is important to write a good and unique bio for increasing the number of followers.

You can easily change your Instagram bio in a simple step.

Open your Instagram, Click on your profile picture, click on the edit profile button, and then click on the edit bio. So you can easily change the bio of your Instagram.

How can you make your profile look great?

Some people use Instagram for just their entertainment while others use it for business purposes. For business, you have to make your profile look great that inspires others and they are compelled to purchase your product.  So the best technique to make your profile look great is to use Instagram Font. You can change their size and color which makes your profile worth watching.

Why do you need to change your Instagram Font?

To Make It More Astonishing

Sometimes you want your profile to look great and astonishing as compared to others. There are many font styles available in the market. You can use anyone to make your content more attractive and appealing. That’s why you change you change your Instagram bio.

To Make Your Post-Professional

You change your Instagram bio with some unique font to look more professional. Using different Font styles options, you can make your Instagram Bio, and description more visible and engaging. By making your post more professional in terms of design you can leave a long-lasting impression on your audience.

To Engage Followers On Your Post

Your change Instagram fonts to look your post more creative and this in results increases followers on your post. So, to engage followers on your post you have to make your profile unique. When you take the time to interact with your audience and respond to comments, it increases your follower’s loyalty and in other words, It increases your followers.

Use Instagram Font Generators

You want to change your Instagram Bio more appealing and are worried about how to do this? There are different methods, including Instagram font generator. Once you have access to the website then you will see a text box and then input your desired text. As you enter the text you will see different displayed font styles. You can use your desired font style. Copy the generated text and go to your Instagram app or website where you want to use it and just paste the text.

How to change Font in Instagram?

Here, I am going to discuss steps to change the font on the Instagram bio 

  • Use Meta Tags Font Generators
  • Go to Meta tags font Generator
  • Type your text in the left box
  • A lot of font options will appear
  • Click on the font that you want to choose
  • Copy the text
  • Then go to your Instagram app
  • Go to your profile
  • Click on Edit Profile
  • Paste the Text there
How to change font on Instagram?

How to change Font on Instagram Stories?

Some people use Instagram stories to update their friends or fellows about their life events while others use it for marketing purposes. For marketing, you have to upload your Instagram stories in a very charming way. For this, you can use different fonts that make your stories worth watching. To change fonts on your Instagram stories there are usually available some methods. But you can use Instagram Font Generator.

  • To upload any story click on the Plus Icon in the top right-hand corner
  • Click on the font you like the most
  • Copy-paste it into your story
  • There is another method to change the font on Instagram stories
  • Go to upload a story
  • Create a story
  • Click on the camera Icon
  • Choose the photo that you have to upload as your background
  • Type your Text there Click on the Share button

You can download the Instagram-modified version to get access to advanced features that are missing in the official app.

The Best fonts for Instagram

For Instagram marketing, you have to use the best fonts that make your profile look great and astonishing. Here I am going to discuss some of the best Instagram fonts.

  • Emerland Serif Font
  • Monerd-Simply Sans Serif
  • Etappi Sans+Etras(Social Media Pack and Badge)
  • Kastil-Vintage Serif Typeface
  • Palmour_Elegent Light Serif
  • Whimsy
  • Vicenza_Elegent Serif
  • Modesfa_Modern Display Serif
  • Giveny_Classy Serif Font
  • Giftcage_Elegant Beauty Condensed Serif
  • Awesome Lathusca Serif Font
  • Nailhead Modern Font
  • Molphina Display Font
  • Romance | Serif Display
  • Revoxa_Modern Display
  • Malibu_Carefree Handwriting Font
  • Priscilla
  • Salty Friendly Instagram Font
  • Oklahoma Handwritten Font
  • Bonus Valencia
  • Hey  Bianca
  • Yamatha Instagram Font
  • Notes and quotes Font Duo
  • Sacred Musk | Display Font
  • Kafkey_Retro Display Slab Serif Font
  • Long way Serif Font
  • Meriona Serif Font
  • Workbar Serif Font
  • Carola | Modern Serif
  • Dento Viola Handwritten Font
  • Hello Santuy
  • Neogordon Serif Display Font
  • Lev Serif
  • Leah Gavioita
  • Between Days _ Sophisticated Serif
  • Dubbo_Retro Serif Font
  • Merritta Serif
  • You can use any of the above-discussed fonts to look your bio or stories great

Things to consider if you change your Instagram font

A thing to remember is that changing the font in your insta bio involves the use of Unicode characters, which is not accessible for those people who use screen readers. This means you definitely don’t want to put the whole bio, in different fonts. Some users only change the name or a small part of the description.


To change the font in your Instagram bio, or indeed in the captions on your Instagram posts, just copy the text into one of the many Instagram font generator tools, choose the font you like and paste it in

You can change Instagram Fonts using Instagram Font Generator

First of all, go to cool Fonts

Type your text in the input bar

Your text will appear in different font styles due to Instagram Font Generator

Then, Copy the text and paste it where you want.

Open your favorite browser on Android and visit Meta Tags webpage. 2. On the website, you will find various font styles. Select your favorite font, and type your custom bio message under the Edit Text field.

Final Words

Changing Font size or color makes your stories look great and astonishing. They also make your Instagram profile bio appealing. In this article, complete information about size and color has been given. Read and enjoy the article and give us valuable feedback.

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