How to Create Instagram Reels that Engage Your Audience

Instagram is a popular social media platform in the present era. It has billions of users around the world. Many people use it for entertainment purposes, while others use it for business purposes. For business promotion, they apply different kinds of strategies. They run sponsored campaigns that increase their following, which results in increased growth. Some also create reels that attract their audience, but the main thing is that you have to create a creative reel that attracts its audience’s attention, inspires it, and makes them compelled to purchase that product.

How to create reels on Instagram

Instagram introduced dark mode features in 2019. There are many benefits of the dark mode theme. Dark mode can improve your phone’s battery life. With less glare, it reduces eye strain, especially at night.

Why Should I Create Instagram Reels?

Instagram is actively promoting high-quality Reels content, giving you the perfect chance to captivate and grow your ideal audience.

Reels provide a powerful platform for viral content, allowing you to significantly increase brand awareness. Here’s why Reels outshine other Instagram features.

  • Stories disappeared after 24 hours, and Highlights are a bit tricky to navigate.
  • The post reaches the maximum viewership within the duration of 24 hours.
  • But Reels are different—they have lasting potential! Based on their popularity, they can keep getting discovered for weeks.
  • Just like IGTV, Reels have their own dedicated space, making them easily accessible from everyone’s home page.

What Are Instagram Reels?

Reels are Instagram’s new video feature that allows one to record a short 30-second video. You can edit the video, and you can add effects, music, captions, and stickers.

How To Use Instagram Reels

Instagram reels can be used in many ways, but mostly people use them for business promotion. They create some creative ideas and use them in their reels, which grows their sales. Here are some ways in which you can grow your business.

  Offer discounts through Instagram reels

You can create an Instagram reel to offer exclusive discounts. You can announce seasonal offers and tell some engaging stories that the audience loves to watch. Moreover, you can offer a discount on products that are very expensive on other brands, as brands offer sales on the lawn that attract their audience’s attention

Try to create some engaging reels with unique ideas. Create a strategic storyline that makes its audience feel fascinated

Use sincere ways to tell your brand story

Always tell the truth about your brand. Your audience is always very smart, so if you try to use any deceptive means, they will catch it within a minute. So, tell the thing as it is but tell it in a charming way that describes your brand’s authenticity

Use some fun-loving reels

  Try to create that kind of content that is fun-loving and spreads happiness on your audience’s faces. That kind of content is always majestic, and it always Increases your sales growth.

You can tell your products details just through the reel. The reel video is about 15 to 20  seconds long and it is just enough time to explain your product’s minor details.

How To Create a Reel On Instagram

Creating an Instagram reel is quite fun. Most people create a reel for fun activities. While the majority are for business promotion. Here are some steps on How to create Instagram reel videos.

Outline The Storyboard

First of all, Outline the storyboard. Use some tactical tricks to create a fantastic storyline.

Shoot Reel

Shoot the Instagram reel in the best way possible. Use all the techniques that can create the best reel.

Add Some Unique Filters

Add filters that are attractive, but use suitable filters according to the reel. It enhances the reel effect.

Now, Share The Majestic Reel

The Instagram reel is now ready to share. Share it with your audience and friends.

 How To Save Instagram Reels

Sometimes, an Instagram reel attracts you very much, and you want to watch it again and again. Sometimes, you find a reel very interesting about your business idea, and you want to hijack some of the interesting ideas from the reel. So, you need to save the reel video.

  • First of all, click on the reel
  • Click on the three dots in the right corner and there will be different kinds of options
  • Click to Save
  • Hence, in this way, you can save your favorite IG reels

How to Make a Reel on Instagram with Music

Instagram reels are of different kinds. Some people love to add music to their reels, while others prefer to make original ones. To add music to your reel, you have to follow some steps

  • Go to your Instagram app
  • Open the camera and then go to the menu bar
  • Click on the reel option
  • To add music to your reel click on the audio button
  • Browse the music you want to add to your reel
  • Add filters to increase the music effect on your reel
  • Hence in this way, you can add music to your reel to enhance the charming effect

Posting your Instagram Reels

The thumbnail displayed on the explore tab serves as the cover image. Its purpose is to captivate users and entice them to click and view your video. This initial impression is crucial for attracting new viewers and potential clients to your business through your Reel. You can create the reels and you can get paid for the reels with different methods.

While Instagram may select the cover image randomly for you, it is advisable not to rely on chance alone. It is recommended to proactively create cover images in advance using tools like Canva, Photoshop, or other editing programs. By doing so, you can ensure that the image stands out and includes a concise call to action, increasing the likelihood of attracting viewers and prompting engagement.

  • 1080 x 1080 px Is the Reels cover that users see on a regular post feed
  • 1080 x 1350 px is the best size to fit your main message and content
  • 1080 x 1920 px is the dimensions you should record the reels


IG videos can be saved if you love them and wish to watch them again and again. Go to the reel, Click on the share button, Press save

The reel with audio will automatically be saved into your gallery.

Instagram reels are the basic source of business promotion. Almost half of Instagram users use reels to promote their products or Business activity. So, Instagram reels are very beneficial for business activity.

Just record and edit the video content in any app you like, then save the file on your phone. Add your pre-recorded video to the reels creation tool from your phone’s gallery. Add them inside the Instagram reels tool if you need any additional stickers, texts, effects, or music.

Final Words

Instagram reels are very beneficial for business activity, including how to create Instagram reels. You can use these reels to upgrow your sale or increase your fan following. It is not necessary to always make a reel for business promotion. You can also use them for fun activities and happiness because spreading a smile on someone’s face is also a virtue.

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