How to get paid for reels on Instagram- 2023

Instagram is the largest Social media Platform in the World and it has millions of traffic users. This platform provides you with many opportunities as providing you the facility of being social to promote business. This platform enables you to grow your business on a larger scale.

Reels are an important factor introduced in 2020. First of all this feature was introduced just for entertainment purposes. After that Instagram introduced the element of the play bonus program, this feature amazed every person as this provides the opportunity for business-minded people to grow their businesses rapidly. The people who don’t know about reels let me give you a brief description

Instagram reels are concise videos about 15 to 20 seconds longer. First of all, people created reels for amusement purposes. After that, it was meant for promoting the brand for affiliate marketing and for many other purposes.

How to get paid for reels on Instagram

What are Instagram Reels Play Bonuses?

It is a new term introduced by Instagram recently in which you are rewarded with money for creating engaging content. You create videos that have influencing content that causes people to inspire. Instagram reel play bonus is replacing Tiktok. Instagram introduced this term to compete with Tiktok which is a highly growing app and taking the place of all other apps.

Instagram Reels Play, a program introduced by Facebook in late 2017, offers an exciting opportunity for content creators to monetize their videos. With this program, you can upload videos with a maximum duration of 15 seconds, which will then undergo review by an algorithm. The algorithm determines whether you qualify for a bonus payout, based on factors like video popularity, such as receiving numerous likes.

Instagram states that Reels Play bonuses provide creators with a chance to earn direct monetary compensation from Facebook and Instagram for crafting engaging content that resonates with their communities. The concept is straightforward: creators earn money based on the number of plays their Reels accumulate. This incentive offers a compelling way for content creators to leverage their creativity and potentially generate income through their video content. Learn how to create reels on Instagram.

How Do Reels Play Bonuses Work(4 Best Ways)

There are many methods to get paid for reels on Instagram. But the most useful method that People Use I’m going to explain below.

Brand collaboration

It is a Powerful method to earn money. Everyone is using this technique to earn money but it is not as easy as it seems to be. First of all, you need to create unique valuable content that peoples love to watch. Then you have to increase your following and also have to focus on the number of views you are getting on a single reel. As views and fan following increase you will automatically be approached by some famous and hit brands to collaborate with you. You have to make an engaging reel for the brand and they will give you money. This is the Best and most useful method How to get paid for reels on Instagram.

Reels Play bonus has a great opportunity for creators to earn money directly from Facebook and Instagram by creating content. The creators will earn money on how many times reels were played. Facebook has committed to investing over $1 Billion in the program for the creators.

Affiliate Marketing

It is another great way to earn money through affiliate marketing. It is not about selling your product but you have to sell another person’s or brand’s product by referring them on their profile with an inspiring reel. In affiliate marketing, you refer people to a merchant’s website to purchase their product. For this, You first make some good engaging reels for that brand. People watch that reel in which you motivate or influence your audience to purchase that product. Your audience gets motivated and clicks on the link given in the description or bio and purchase that particular thing. This is affiliate marketing.

Influencer Marketing Platforms

Joining influencer marketing platforms can help you in connecting with brands looking to collaborate with content creators. These Platforms act as an intermediary, helping the creators to get paid opportunities.

Digital Products or Services

If you have good expertise in the field of a particular area, you can promote digital products or services related to your reel content. This can be online courses, coaching, or consulting services.

Eligibility Criteria

It is the third source to earn money. The greater the views on your reel the greater you will be paid. The first thing you have to do is to make good and inspiring content.

First of all, you have to be a resident of the US and have to meet all the requirements before going to this play bonus program. You should meet the Partner monetization policy.

  • Your age should be under 18
  • Go to Your Instagram profile
  • Click on View Professional dashboard
  • Go to bonuses
  • Click on Get Started and look if you are eligible for the bonus or not

How to Get More Views For Your Instagram Reels

There are many different ways to reach the right audience but here are some of the best methods that you can use to target your audience.

Create Compelling Content: Focus on crafting captivating and high-quality Reels that resonate with your audience. Incorporate a blend of entertaining, informative, and visually appealing elements to make your content stand out and inspire viewers to watch and share.

Utilize Trending Hashtags: Research and include relevant and popular hashtags in your Reels’ captions to enhance discoverability. This enables users interested in specific topics or trends to find and engage with your content more easily.

Optimize Your Captions: Create concise and attention-grabbing captions that complement your Reels. Incorporate keywords strategically and utilize compelling calls-to-action to encourage viewers to engage with your content through likes, comments, and shares.

How Much Money Can You Make From The Instagram Reels Play Bonus?

You can get paid for your Reels on a monthly basis with some bonus options:

  • Depending on the performance of your Reels, the earnings per individual Reel play may vary. It’s important to note that the amount you earn per play could differ over time. In some instances, you may earn more during the initial stages, while the earnings might gradually decrease as your Reels gain more exposure and playtime
  • Based on the number of Reels you have created


It doesn’t matter how many reels you share per day. The main thing is that you should post it consistently. Consistency maintains audience viewership on the profile and also on reels.

There are many ways to get more views. Some of these are discussed below

Use high-resolution images

Make only 15 to 20 seconds video Make some creative content

The Instagram reel bonus program is still continuous but Meta is considering to stop the program soon.

 Final Words

Any person who wants to earn money from Instagram should participate in the Instagram reel bonus program. Learning how to get paid for reels on Instagram requires dedication and persistence. Keep in mind that you have to be continuous and motivated. It is the only key to get success.

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