5 Ways To Stop Instagram Auto Scroll in 2023

Some people prefer to avoid Instagram’s auto swipe mode, which causes them to update their Instagram hindrance over their browsing experience. However, you cannot directly turn off auto swipe as there is no control button.

By tapping on stories instead of swiping, you can slow down the speed of browsing or swiping. Keep your app updated, as this is good for those who want to be updated with new features and ideas.

How the Instagram auto-scroll feature works

Currently, Instagram utilizes an algorithm to show you posts that it thinks you will be curious about based on your activity and engagement on the app.

When you unlock the app, you will see a choice of posts in your feed and can manually scroll through them.

When you look at your Instagram feed, as you scroll down, unique posts will automatically arise and load without requiring you to refresh your page manually.

This makes it effortless to keep up with your feed’s new content without constantly clicking or scrolling to see more.

Auto-scrolling is a convenient attribute that allows users to stay entertained with the app and keep up with their feed without interruptions or additional effort.

However, some users like to manually refresh their feeds to have better control over what they see and when they see it.

How To Stop Instagram Auto Scroll

Why you may want to turn off auto scroll on Instagram?

1. Control Over Content: 

Auto-scrolling can sometimes make it hard to focus on or fully immerse the content in stories or posts. When you turn it off, you can pause between items and take your time with each piece of content.

2. Preventing Accidental Advancement: 

Sometimes, users may accidentally swab the screen while viewing Instagram stories or posts, causing them to advance unintentionally. To avoid this problem, try turning off the auto-scroll feature.

3. Enhancing User Experience:

Some users like a more manual and interactive experience when browsing Instagram. Turning off auto-scroll permits for a more conscious and user-controlled navigation of content.

4. Reducing Distraction:

Auto-scrolling can often be distracting, particularly if you’re trying to focus on a particular post. By turning it off, you can reduce distractions and focus on what’s important.

5. Better Engagement:

Disabling auto-scroll can enable users to engage more vigorously with content. When users have to tap to advance, they may be more likely to leave words, like posts, or take further interactive actions.

6. Privacy and Security: 

Auto-scrolling can inadvertently reveal sensitive content to others if someone takes your device. Turning it off can help safeguard your privacy, ensuring you control when content advances.

How To Stop Instagram Auto Scroll

While Instagram does not provide a direct option to turn off auto scroll, rare workarounds can assist you in gaining more control over your scrolling experience. Here are three ways you can try:

Method 1: Using Data Saver Mode on Instagram

Data Saver Mode on Instagram is a valuable feature that allows users to decrease data usage while browsing the app. Here’s how you can use it:

  • Enable Data Saver Mode: Open your Instagram account and click on your Profile image in the bottom right corner. Access the menu by clicking the menu icon (three horizontal lines). Scroll down and select “Settings.” Under “Account,” you’ll find “Cellular Data Use.” Tap on it and enable “Data Saver.”
  • What Data Saver Mode Does: Data Saver Mode limits the app from preloading high-resolution pictures and videos. Instead, it loads lower-quality versions of media. This helps lower data consumption, making it perfect for users on limited data plans.
  • Balancing Quality and Data: Users can decide how much data they want to save. Instagram provides choices to load higher-quality media when connected to Wi-Fi while maintaining Data Saver Mode enabled for mobile data.

Method 2: Using Third-Party Apps With Instagram

While Instagram offers numerous features, some users may explore third-party auto scroll apps to improve their Instagram experience. Here’s what you should know:

  • Photo and Video Editors: Many third-party apps specialize in picture and video editing. You can use these apps to improve your content before posting it on Instagram. Famous options include Adobe Light room, VSCO, and Canva.
  • Scheduling and Analytics: Some third-party tools allow you to schedule Instagram posts and analyze performance metrics. Tools like Buffer, Hoot suite, and Later can help you manage your Instagram content more effectively.
  • Avoiding Risks: Be cautious when using third-party apps. Some apps may need access to your Instagram account, which can pose security risks. Ensure you use reputable and trusted apps and constantly review their permissions.

Method 3: Using Instagram’s Desktop Version

The desktop version of Instagram does not have the auto-scroll characteristic. Instagram’s desktop version offers an alternative method to enjoy the platform, mainly if you prefer a larger screen or want to conserve mobile data. Here’s how to access and utilize it:

  1. Open your best web browser on your computer.
  2. Type “www.instagram.com” in the address bar and press Enter.
  3. Log in to your Instagram account using your login details.
  4. Explore Instagram’s attributes, including browsing your feed, liking, commenting, and posting.

Method 4: Review Instagram Settings

Instagram periodically revises its app with new features and settings to improve the user experience. As a user, you can control how auto-scroll works by exploring the settings within the Instagram app. Here’s a more detailed description:

  • Stay Informed: Keep an eye on new updates or modifications to the Instagram app. Instagram often introduces new features and choices to give users more significant control over their experience.
  • Settings Exploration: Regularly review the settings and selections within the Instagram app. Please check if any options related to feed customization or automated scrolling behavior are available.
  • Customize Auto-Scrolling: Instagram may introduce settings allowing users to customize their auto-scrolling preferences. These settings can control auto-scroll speed, turn it off completely, or select how content is presented in the feed.
  • Stay Updated: Ensure you have the new version of Instagram installed on your device. App updates may introduce new attributes and settings, so staying updated is essential to access these options.

Method 5: Provide Feedback to Instagram

  • User feedback is vital in influencing platform development.
  • Consider submitting feedback to Instagram regarding your auto-scroll preferences, which may lead to future enhancements or characteristics.

Why does Instagram scroll back to the top?

  1. Automatic Refresh: Instagram occasionally refreshes the feed to deliver users the latest content from their followers and research pages. This refresh can cause the feed to scroll back to the top when fresh posts are loaded.
  2. Tapping the Instagram Logo: Wiping the Instagram logo (the small camera icon at the top of the feed) while scrolling usually takes you back to the top of your feed. This is a design characteristic planned for user convenience.
  3. Network Issues: Sometimes, network connectivity issues or slow internet connections can cause Instagram to reload the feed, leading to a return to the top.
  4. App Glitches: Instagram can experience a few glitches or bugs like any app. These glitches might cause the app to act unexpectedly, unintentionally scrolling back to the top.
  5. User Error: Periodically, users may unintentionally swipe in a way that triggers a return to the top of the feed. It’s effortless to do this accidentally while scrolling fast.


How To Stop Instagram Auto Scroll feature on Instagram can be a game changer for anyone looking to use the app more consciously and decrease their screen time.

With a few Clicks, you can recover control over your feed and avoid the unlimited scrolling that can quickly become overwhelming and distracting.

Frequently Asked Questions

To activate Data Saver Mode, go to your Instagram account, tap on the menu icon (three lines at the top right), select Settings, then Account, and finally, Mobile Data Use. Here, you can switch on Data Saver Mode.

  • Check Your Internet Connection.
  • Update The Instagram App.
  • Clear The Instagram App Cache.
  • Free Up Device Storage.
  • Restart The Instagram App Or Your Device.

The Instagram swipe-up feature enabled brands and influencers to reach their audiences and achieve more followers by allowing them to add links instantly to their Instagram Stories.

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