Instagram++ APK Download free for Android, iOS & PC

Instagram++ is an advanced version of the original app with more functionality. It is a free unofficial app with a lot of new exciting features like hide and lock chat, changing follower count, downloading stories, videos, and photos, having group chats, comment translation, and much more to enjoy.

It is not only very easy to use but space-saving, ideal for devices with limited storage space. Security and privacy options are more developed as compared to the official app. You can also enjoy all of these features with the best app called Instander APK. Moreover, this app offers a unique Instander ghost mode feature that ensures safety and security for users, eliminating any unwanted restrictions or ads.

You can make your experience more enjoyable by choosing the theme of your choice and removing ads by downloading the Instagram++ app. We can say that Instagram++ download is a lighter, better, and faster version. The download features are not available on the official version of the Insta app.

You can share the live moments of your life, stories, and videos with your friends from anywhere. You can also create a group chat to discuss the various topics. You can also increase your brand awareness around the world and you can generate good revenue for your brand.

Instagram++ APK Features

Instagram++ Mod APK offers amazing features that are not present in the official app. You can download high-quality images, videos, and photos and you can also hide your online status and more. Let’s have below the details of why you should prefer Instagram++ over the original Insta.

1- Download Videos and Photos

The official app lacks many advanced features that Instagram++ has. For example, you can easily download videos and photos you like with the help of this modified version.

2- Space Saving

Instagram++ lets you save space on your device. It also increases the efficiency of the app. The app size is just 17.45 MB whereas the original Insta app is more than 100 MB. So definitely a big yes for this mod app. It is ideal for budget smart devices with limited storage.

3- Remove Ads

Are you irritated by ads? No more worry, you can remove ads and enjoy ads-free by downloading the Instamod ( Instagram++ ).

4- Group Chat Option

Wanna have a group chat with your friends, family, or any group on Insta? There’s a solution, just download Instagram++ and enjoy group chatting. You can make groups and have discussions with people whether it’s fun with friends or any other serious business-related talk.

5- Hide Viewed Stories

Another amazing advanced feature of Instagram++ is to hide the viewed status of stories which is not available in the original one. Try it if you like to see stories of people but don’t want to let them know.

6- Comment Translation

Translation of comments into any other language can be enabled in Instagram++ APK which enhances user experience.

7- Smooth and Stable Running

It runs smoothly even on slow networks and gives you a stable experience. This app is designed to be fast and responsive.

8- Change Follower Count

One of the unique features enabled in this mod app is changing the real follower count with a fake one. You can get this feature in the spoof setting of the app.

9- Hide and Lock Chats

It also allows us to hide and lock our chats which increases security.

10- Cool Themes

Discover ideas, experiences, and people with a modified, attractive theme of your favorite style. There are a variety of themes available, select the one that suits your personality.

11- View Full-Size Profile Pictures

Instagram ++ also gives you access to the profile photo in full size, you can even download it in good quality on your device.

12- Auto Play Videos

Another advantage of Instagram++ over the official app is that videos can be auto-played easily with just one click on Instagram++. Some users might find it quite useful.

How to Install the Latest Instagram++ 2023 on Your Android?

If you want to install Instagram Plus on your device it’s very simple. You just have to follow the steps one by one given below to enjoy the Instagram Plus app. It will just take a few seconds. Let’s get it!

  • First of all, you have to uninstall the original app.
  • Now, download the Insta mode Plus APK from the provided link.
  • Then go to your device settings and enable “unknown sources” in the security option.
  • Open File Manager on your phone and find the Instagram Plus APK in the downloaded files.
  • Install the app and wait for a few seconds to complete the installation.
  • Find the App in your app list.
  • Done, there you go! enjoy the App.

How to Install Instagram++ 2023 on your iOS?

  • Uninstall the original Instagram app on your iOS device.
  • Install the Altstore app. Download the Instagram++ Mod APK.
  • Open your device’s general settings.
  • Navigate to “Profile and Device Management”.
  • Select the Instagram++ Mod APK profile and tap “Trust.”
  • Close the settings and open Altstore from “My Apps.”
  • Add a new app to the Alt Store. Choose
  • the insta++ Mod APK you downloaded.
  • You’ve successfully downloaded the app on your iOS device.

How to download and install the Instagram++ APK on your PC?

You can easily get the modified version on your computer by following these steps:

  • Launch the web browser on your PC.
  • Find and download BlueStacks.
  • Once BlueStacks is installed, click the download button given to get the APK.
  • After the download, find the downloaded file and right-click on it.
  • Select “Open with.”
  • Locate and choose BlueStacks from the popup menu.
  • Click to load it.
  • The APK has been successfully downloaded and installed on your PC.

Final Words

Instagram++ APK is the updated supercharged version of the official app but with more cool stuff. This mod version is an incredible app with great functionality. Its a better choice than the original one. It is also free, space-saving, and has fast data capability. So give it a try and you will love its additional advanced features.


Instagram++ is the modified version of Instagram with advanced features and functionalities that are not found in the official app. It makes your Instagram better and just how you like it with a customizable and enhanced Instagram experience.

Totally! It’s all good vibes. Your stuff stays safe and sound—no data dramas here. Feel free to jump in, no sweat!

You can download it from the provided link.

Yes, it can be installed on the computer. you can read out the guidelines on how to install it on the PC.

Yes, the Instagram++ free version can be downloaded and installed on mobile devices. Please read the guidelines carefully.

You can easily change the theme. Simply go to the settings and then click on the advance. The theme option will be available. Change it according to your choice.

This app was developed by a third party there. that’s why it is not available on the Google Play store; you can download the app by following the link given above.

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